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About The Maker
Written by Ada Lin   
Friday, 10 November 2006

  Many people are curious about how and why the MG-1 was created. In day and of age of portable everything, including music...............

why was a product created to play music the average music store won’t even carry. This product is not for the person who does not know the answer.

    The Mg-1 is custom designed and manufactured by Ada Lin. He is a mechanical and electrical engineer, Diyer and audiophile. He has produced products for many well-known industrial corporation.

    His dream was to produce a very high end product that that the masses can afford. He always wanted and had an ear for the “best”, but never had the budget for it. So he used his extensive mechanical and electrical engineering knowledge, years of prototypes and eventually created the MG-1.

    The MG-1 can stand up against any $4000 tone arm and many have done that very test. The most often asked question is why don’t you charge more. It is against his values, he wants any audiophile to be able to afford a tone arm, not just those with $4000. One does not have to be wealthy to appreciate a quality product. Each MG-1 is well made by Ada in the USA.

    An inventors mind never rests and he has products that are going though the conceptual process. It must meet two criteria: 1. The quality has to rival even the highest end audio products on the market. 2. It must be affordable so many people can purchase it.

    Ada always remembers the times when inexpensive products meant poor sound. Big money meant great sound. Years were taken just to produce the MG-1. The price point naturally draws criticism, he believes in his quality, and backs it up with a warranty. All future products designed and manufactured by Ada Lin will be held to the same standard.

    More products will be created or improved. “There is always a better way” is the philosophy behind the products. Another one is to make it attainable for music lovers of all budgets. He has not created a huge corporation with enormous overhead, budgets and operating costs. He still goes to his engineering job each workday, to keep production costs at the bare minimum.

    Ada wants people to enjoy his product.

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