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General FAQ..
Written by Ada Lin   
Friday, 10 November 2006

1. Who made this MG-1?
   A: They all well made by me in the United States.

2. Where you located?
   A: we located at north of downtown Atlanta about 35 miles. You can search by ZIP code    (30024) from USPS website.


3. How can you sell it so cheap? How come the low price.....most  simular  construction cost A LOT more...
   A: We are not greedy!!

4. Well, it seems too good to be true.........
   A: Yes, It is true... !

5.How difficult to install is it?
   A: At most Turntables. there is only one drill will be needed. MG-1 has included a very useful mounting template to help owner to find the optimum location on their turntable.

Please click link below for more detail.

Mounting template:  


6. What kind/gauge wires was used in this arm?
   A: THE MG-1 use high quality  U.S.A made 30/48 Litz wire. It almost equal 33.5 AWG.

7. Can only purchase the air pump from you?
   A: Yes....

8. How much for the shipping cost to .......?
   A: We charge flat S/H/I  fee within lower 48 states . Please check the detail from the main page.

9. Can MG-1 fit with my turntable .............?
   A: Please check the mounting requirement by click link below.



10. Do you sell it to outside of the USA?
   A: Yes, We sell worldwide.

11. How much for the optional damping trough?
   A: It's free. We will send you free of charge a damping trough on the 12 month anniversary of your purchase.

12. What's the material MG-1 made of?
   A: Please click link for detail.


13. Is the pump very noisy , and do you have to locate it in another room ?
   A: Its pretty quiet and the noise level is around 29 db. But for an audiophile the noise seems too high to stay in listening room. We strongly recommend the user to locate this pump at out door of listening room!

14. How does it sound to other arms?
   A: There are two different audiophile in my mind. One with confidence and one doesn't. And that's the reason we offer you 1 month no question ask money back guarantee. You may try it out by your self.

15. Do you have any independent reviews of your MG-1?
   A: No,  Every cent you paid on MG-1 will be put on it's correct position. And not be going to pay for any vanity reasons.
16. Do you know the tolerances (Gap ....I think) of the air bearing?
    A: YES!......................! the air-bearing. Mostly design runs about 0.001".

17. What are the dimensions of the MG-1?
   A: Please click link for detail.


To be continue..............

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